Genevieve Vaughan | Author, Philosopher, The Gift Economy
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Genevieve Vaughan

About Genevieve Vaughan

Genevieve Vaughan was born in Texas in 1939. She is an independent researcher. After finishing college in Pennsylvania in 1963 she married philosopher and semiotician Ferruccio Rossi-Landi and moved with him to Italy where they had three daughters. The couple participated in the beginnings of the Semiotics movement in Italy as well as in the Italian Left, where Genevieve got her political consciousness raised.

After her divorce in 1978 Vaughan became a feminist, participating in the Italian and international feminist movements. She began to see the fact of women’s free labor in the home as a gift economy, the unacknowledged free economy of women from which communication and community derive. Her two early essays…

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Genevieve Vaughan’s Blog

a discussion of the gift economy and its culture

  • Trump’s victory, whether bonafide or not, has left us reeling. I consider it the victory of capitalist patriarchy and I want to say why. In my books I have repeatedly tried to analyze the abstract pat

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